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Question: If Sion was under Exar Kun during his rule, then wouldn't he know in weaknesses to his old Master's armies? And possibly the weaknesses og Kun himself?

And let's not forget Traya's assassins. They grow in strength (apparently) to match the strength of their opponent. A few of them could potencially assassinate Kun.

I think I might actually be pulling for Traya in this one... Traya vs. G0-T0 Kaggath would be awesome!
Sion was a student of Exar Kun. It is conceivable that he would know something, but Traya doesn't have much to deal with it.

Indeed, but none of her assassins can match the dueling skills of Exar Kun. And don't say that they can simply backstab him. He has incredible Force senses, which means that he will see assassins coming from across the galaxy (literally).
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