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Right yeah. Traya and her visions...

You are partially correct. Exar Kun did let his armies do the work, but he created the plans for his conquest. I make note of this in Part 3 of my Great Sith War thread. Ulic's attack on Coruscant went against Kun's plans. Kun had a great plan, a great strategy. Each move was precisely timed.

Now (this will be revealed in Part 4), Kun was actually going to do exactly what Ulic did for the attack on Coruscant. He was going to lure the fleet away and attack an unguarded Galactic Capital.

The ferocity of Kun's attacks give the image of uncoordination, but I assure you that that wasn't the case. In fact, I would place him relatively close to Revan in terms of tactical skill. But they have their differences.
Exar Kun destroyed, his war was a crusade. He wreaked a path of havoc wherever he went, uncoordinated or not, it was certainly not sustainable. IMO Exar Kun would never have defeated the Republic, even if Ulic stayed loyal. Firstly he was too detached from the war, and prioritized personal power of his actual campaign - hence why Mandalore and Ulic disobeyed orders, he did not have control over them. And lets say he did capture Coruscant, and forced the Republic to 'surrender'. It wouldn't have lasted long. He left no infrastructure and nothing to build a government on, it would have fallen apart into internal feuds and disputes, and the Republic would have just swept them aside. And really, none of his strategies where particularly impressive. Go my apprentices! Kill your Masters and eliminate 2% of the Jedi Order!

Revan's war was antithesis of this. His made sure to keep the Republic intact, he conquered key worlds such as Fondor, Coreilla and Duro. And in a few more months would have conquered the Republic. His Empire was solid, his soldiers were loyal, and their was no room for dissent or feuding. Revan's strategy would have worked, Kun's would have failed. IMO Revan is far more tactically superior to Kun, as are most.

But again, me having a rant. I do believe it applies to the debate somewhat. Kun's inability to keep his commanders on a tight leash, combined with his sheer arrogance, could leave to rash, brazen assaults, giving Traya and Xizor opportunities to exploit him. The way I see it so far is Kun will attack both Malachor V and Coruscant simultaneously. Now Kun didn't have a wide range of tactical commanders, his forces were largely commanded by Mandalore and Ulic. So I would think he would send Ulic to lead the attack on Coruscant - else it would be a shambles. And he would likely lead the assault on Malachor, most likely bringing several of his Brotherhood with him. He was arrogant but not completely stupid, Malachor is an unfamiliar and dangerous planet, support would be needed.

But what happens next? How will Ulic fare against Xizor? Where will he strike from? (If he strikes from the Deep Core he could move fast, but would lose the advantage of having Ulic lead the charge) And what traps will Xizor leave? Perhaps a gravity well generator to pull them out of hyperspace en route? Then slowly obliterate the trapped armada? Or will Ulic just steamroll over him?

And what of Malachor V? Traya will almost certainly see an attack coming, and possible predict her defeat. Yavin to Malachor is a matter of hours. She does not have the time to summon her best Sith Lords to her side, save Sion. So will she take fight, or flight? And if so, where will she flee? Ambush him on Yavin 4? Leave Sion to carve a swathe through the Brotherhood, then fake his death?

A lot of questions there But I just want't to here everyone's thoughts on what the outcome of a two pronged invasion of Malachor and Coruscant would be...

P.S. Surely Kun's forces are centralized in the Deep Core and Mandalore? (I'm not sure what fleets the Mandalorians possessed...) That is after all where they struck from in the Sith War. So if Traya strikes first, Yavin 4 will be undefended. It would take a week for the forces at Koros Major to react (which would be attacking Coruscant) and maybe several hours for the forces at Mandalore to do the same. A problem that could be resolved with a two pronged attack on Mandalore and Yavin 4. And a slightly related question, how would Traya's fleet fare against Kun's - if say there was a skirmish between equal numbers. I think it could swing either way...