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OK Beni, here's a scenario for Exar Kun's victory. (Note that it will be perfectly sound. I've been preparing for this battle ) This scenario will be based around Exar Kun's ability to strike quick and hard, something that he did regularly during the Sith War.

Exar Kun will wage two wars at once. He will send Ulic Qel-Droma and Mandalore to attack Coruscant, while he quickly strikes Malachor.

On Coruscant, Ulic and Mandalore will lead the Mandalorian and Krath armies against the Black Sun, destroying all opposition. Once inside, Ulic and Mandalore confront Xizor (who didn't have enough time to prepare for the attack) and Guri. Ulic will quite easily defeat Guri and Mandalore will kill Xizor.

Meanwhile, Exar Kun marches his hordes of Massassi* on the Trayus Academy. Here they will feed off of the Darkness of Malachor and easily sweep the Academy of Sith. Kun will defeat Sion and hand his body over to the Massassi, who will do unspeakable things to him (but not like that ). Kun will then confront Traya in the Trayus Core, where he will be empowered by the nexus, and destroy her with his superior skill and power.

*Going to try to counter that point (among others)? Please do.
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