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I have created a new Empire Bounty Hunter and are currently on Lvl 12 , How ever my companion won't Craft, I can learn and unlearn any craft but when i go to craft any items nothing happens, I can go on Cynthweaving and Underground Skill missions with no fuss. I have bought tons of materials so thats not the issue, I have noticed that when you click on the item to craft it it says says "Requires 59s" ?????

Any ideas as I am really getting frustrated with this , I have reported this issue online and via the website +- 4 days ago to SWTOR Customer Support with no response yet.

there is a time that it takes for companions to leave and go craft stuff, this can range from 1 minute to over 45 minutes. also i notice you have Synthweaving and will need Archeology materials in order to craft Synthweaving items. you'll need to buy additional schematics as you level your skill so you can craft new items. do you have your ship yet? crafting goes alot faster when you have that robot helping you.
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