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Lord Sapiens trekked through the jungle while humming a tune to keep himself entertained, using the force to gently push aside any local plant and animal life that got in his way. The rain continued to pour down from the sky, but it didn't bother him as much as the lack of people inhabiting the area. He was a social animal used to the densely populated planets of Nar Shadda and Dromund Kaas where good company was bountiful and there was always someone to talk to. His apprentice was back on their ship, so at the moment the only companion Sapiens had was a small insect that had decided to land on the mighty Lord's shoulder.

"You are quite lucky that I don't feel the need to brush you off of my shoulder quite yet." Lord Sapiens said as he wiped the rain off of his long gray beard and smiled at his own crazed conversation with a bug, "Loneliness can drive a man to make the oddest of acquaintances, and I am far too old to care about who or what it is as long as I have something to talk to."

After some more walking he stopped, suddenly sensing something different than the rest of the wildlife. He closed his eyes, and through the force he could feel the unmistakable presence of another Sith. They were harder to sense earlier because of the area's energies, but now it was clear that he was not alone. He began walking in the direction of the faint presence, and after some time he finally found the landing spot of a few ships and saw who he assumed was the earlier sensed presence. The Sith Lord used the force to quickly crush the bug on his shoulder and wipe away the remains as he walked towards the gathered group with a smile. He had found some new friends.

"I bid you good day comrades!" he exclaimed as he crossed the clearing to join them, "It would seem that the force has guided me here to join you in whatever venture you are all about to undertake." the old man gently bowed to introduce himself, ignoring the fact that they were having conversations of their own, "I am Lord Sapiens, and I hereby pledge myself to the leader of this operation in order to serve our glorious empire!"

"Good," Archonus growled, "I was afraid that I would have to have a rather short and unpleasant conversation with someone in your high command. You are, however, correct in that I am the Sith you are looking for. You are to tell no one about the things you see here. Furthermore, you are not to-"

The Darth paused abruptly, feeling something out of place. A disturbance. When Lord Sapiens made his introduction, Archonus' head snapped sharply to the other Sith, glowering unseen through the faceless mask. On the outside, the Sith Lord before him was not very impressive, but Archonus had lived long enough that the power of a Sith is not always betrayed by his outward appearance.

"If you wish to bring glory to the Empire, you should start your search elsewhere," Archonus rasped.
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