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Forgive me for being pendatic, but shatterpoint was not what gave Kreia visions of the future. Shatterpoint merely allowed her to percieve fractures in people and the fabric of the galaxy itself, so she could create a 'echo' at the right time to have resounding effects across the galaxy. This was perhaps why her shadow war was so effective, I expect she knew exactly where to strike. (just me rambling there )

Her ability to see the future is simply precognition.

And no, Kun does not get Sion - what would be silly now wouldn't it.

Well, IMO Exar Kun is rather brutish and uncoordinated. I'm open to a different view but this is just the image I got from him from learning about the Great Sith War (from the feet of the great Historian! ). All his lackeys (Ulic, Mandalore, the Ketos etc) seemed to do the planning, the strategies, the campaigns. He just unleashed them on the galaxy, to busy coveting dark side power. Then suddenly the Republic turn up on his doorstep, and he's all like 'wha wha whaaat!'

In terms of tactical skill I'd rank him below most, certainly below Revan. Comparing the Great Sith War and the Jedi Civil War, it is obvious which one was tactically superior.

But please, fight me! You seem to disagree so you must have good reason.

And another thing. Analyzing armies and fleets is all well and good, but I think in this situation we can jump to scenarios and endgame. Much like G0-T0, Traya and Xizor are playing on a different level (not necessarily a 'higher' level) to Exar Kun. These powers are not going to fight each other head on. Not even Traya. For them its all about the endgame.
Right yeah. Traya and her visions...

You are partially correct. Exar Kun did let his armies do the work, but he created the plans for his conquest. I make note of this in Part 3 of my Great Sith War thread. Ulic's attack on Coruscant went against Kun's plans. Kun had a great plan, a great strategy. Each move was precisely timed.

Now (this will be revealed in Part 4), Kun was actually going to do exactly what Ulic did for the attack on Coruscant. He was going to lure the fleet away and attack an unguarded Galactic Capital.

The ferocity of Kun's attacks give the image of uncoordination, but I assure you that that wasn't the case. In fact, I would place him relatively close to Revan in terms of tactical skill. But they have their differences.
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