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Free to Play = a REALLY big game trial account. Before, games offered you a weekend or a few levels of play to entice you to their games. Now, they offer "Free-to-Play", in which you can play some of the game, completely free! All class and world quests are available to you, right up to maximum level!

Now, if you want more than what they offer in F2P, you have to pay. Want to run group content? You have to pay. Want to PvP? You have to pay. More character Slots? More storage room? Bigger cargo hold? A nice outfit? A chat box you can use more than once every 5 minutes? Legal tender needs to be exchanged!

Break out your wallet son, you gots to pay for those privileges! Now, either you can pay out hundreds of dollars to unlock these features / keep them unlocked, or you can pay a subscription price of 15$ a month to have almost ALL of these features unlocked for you (there's still a few we subscribers have to pay for as well, or just save up our cartel points to do so).

15$. Cheaper than most magazine subscriptions these days. Cheaper than the cost of maintaining your mobile device. Cheaper than your grandparents who only send you 20$ on your birthday, because its the smallest bill the bank machines spit out.

I fail to see the grounds for your complaints.

Spend the money to buy the cartel coins needed to unlock all subscriber features, and keep them unlocked. Much cheaper to subscribe, by a LONG shot.

I would suggest brushing up on your math skills.

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I am just saying lucas arts i've loved every game you guys make.
Forget the math skills, do you even know where you are right now?