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The only problem with that, Xizor and Traya have fixed locations that are visable whereas G0-T0 had a stealthed yacht that could be stopped and found only by a gravtrap sensor and a gravity well generator, the former of which was expensive and the only one who could realistically afford and find one without blowing a huge sum of credits is Xizor. Now Xizor's fleet will probably be the only real threat to Kun's, given his ships would be heavily armed already without modifications done to them however on the ground? Ya...Xizor wouldn't be able to contend with all the sith and dark force users.

Traya's base of operations is really her downfall here. Given it would greatly enhance Kun and his sith allies.

Edit: Speaking of that Beni, idea...why not spice things up a little and give each combatant a sum of credits they could use? I mean realistically, not everyone is loaded to the point of having infinite credits like Xizor.
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