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Many of you play SWTOR and love like I do but one thing that really bugs me is that is there really a point to remain a paying subscriber. Sure you get a monthly amount of cartel coins but you can just pay to be a preffered player and buy more cartel coins cheaper than the cost of staying a subscriber.
Um, you do know that to get everything a subscriber has (including unlimited access to wzs and ops) you would end up paying more, right? Let alone the fact that if you are a preferred status plays you (most likely) don't like spending money on the game. And I'm not even going to mention the things you get as a subscribers (like no cap on credits).

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Also theres no difference in ability or strenght between free to play and subscriber
and there shouldn't be.

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the level cap is the same, the equipment is the same, the story is the same, the only difference is flashpoints and war zones.
Right. You do realize that this is what F2P games offer right? If they didn't get the same gear, didn't have the same level and didn't get as powerful as the rest of us, who in their right mind would ever run a FP or even do a daily with a F2P player when they'd be so horribly undergeared/underleveled/underpowered?

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I am just saying lucas arts i've loved every game you guys make.
Bioware, dude.
This is not Battlefront or Starfighter.

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But try to make it worth staying a subscriber. Some ideas are make more story and raise the level gap for the subscribers and add another subclass for example sith inquisitors could go to sorcerer then maybe at level 50 go to a sith force master and let it last for 20 or so levels and make the story about what happened to the exile. Theres so much this game can do dont let us down.
There will be a continuation of our class stories once a proper expansion is released.
For now, we get a continuation of the world story (+5 more levels and new abilities) when Rise of the Hutt Cartel comes. Adding subclasses is something that requires much more time and testing than you might think. For now, enjoy the game as it is.