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Analysis time! (unbiased, but truthful)

Exar Kun:

Troops- Exar Kun has a vast array of troops including: The Krath and their War Droids, The Mandalorians and their Basilisks, and the Massassi Warriors. Each of these troops have been able to vanquish armies of Jedi.

Troop numbers- Exar Kun's legions numbered in the millions. He had the entire Empress Teta system as a capable army, their millions of war droids, the Mandalorians, and hordes of Massassi Warriors. The overwhelming ferocity and numbers overwhelmed the Republic and carved a path to Coruscant itself.

Elite Troops (why aren't the Mandos in this category? )- Exar Kun led a cult of Sith Lords that could hold their own against very powerful Jedi. Exar Kun was also a skilled Alchemist and could use his knowledge of Sith Sorcery to create an endless army of Sith War Beasts, including the Terentatek.

Starships- Exar Kun commanded the entire fleet of the Empress Teta System, as well as the Mandalorian fleets and stolen Republic vessels.

Specialty Starships- Exar Kun employed powerful vessels as apart of his Navy. These powerful vessels included Chaos Fighters and Basilisk War Droids. These two specimens were capable of taking down heavy frigates quite easily (though the Chaos Fighter was far more effective)

Infrastructure- Exar Kun's Empire was born from war, and its infrastructure focused entirely on the war effort. His infrastucture was based around the Empress Teta system and included Koros Spaceworks, The Carbonite Guild and the system itself. The planet Empress Teta was very much like Coruscant and had an incredible economy, allowing Kun to fund his war. Kun's Empire also incorporated the economy and infrastructure of the Mandalorians. The Mandalorians and Ulic Qel-Droma incorporated several technological enhancements to the relatively out-dated Krath weaponry, which allowed the Krath to increase their fightning ability.

Loyalty- Exar Kun's troops were bound to his will, fanatically loyal to their Dark Master and his apprentice. The Mandalorians were honor-bound to serve Ulic Qel-Droma. The Krath were enthralled by the Sith Lords and their power. The Massassi Warriors were twisted to the Dark Side and were bound to Exar Kun's will.

Capacity for war- Exar Kun's war was galaxy-wide and powered by the infrastructure of the Empress Teta system. His forces spread like wildfire across the galaxy. The Dark Lord need only point to a system and his forces would burn it. The ultimate end to his war was brought about when Ulic Qel-Droma was converted and led the Jedi to Exar Kun's homebase of Yavin, where they were forced to contain the Dark Lord in a Wall of Light, for they were unable to engage him in battle.

Ally- Ulic Qel-Droma was an incredibly powerful Jedi Knight and Sith Lord. As Apprentice to the Dark Lord, Exar Kun, he served as the Supreme Commander of Exar Kun's Sith Empire and took orders only from his master. Ulic Qel-Droma was an incredibly skilled duelist, capable of holding his own against Exar Kun (before his prime, of course), and he was incredibly powerful in The Force.

The Dark Lord- Exar Kun was the most powerful Sith Lord of his time (ignoring The Sith Emperor, though a battle between the two would be epic). His power in The Force was unmatched and his dueling skills put the Jedi Order to shame. His power and skill allowed him to easily vanquish two of the most powerful Jedi in the Order: Odna-Urr and Vodo Baas.

Darth Traya:

Troops- Traya commanded a legion of assassins and several Sith Lords and Sith Soldiers. These troops were servants of the Dark Side.

Troop numbers- While the numbers are unknown, the majority of Traya's forces are assassins. But she does have enough forces to attack small fortresses and lightly defended strongholds.

Elite Troops- Traya's Academy houses many Sith Lords, Marauders, and Elite Sith Soldiers. These forces were enhanced by the Dark Side nexus that is Malachor V.

Starships- Traya commands the remnants of Revan's Sith Empire, giving her access to several Interdictor-class cruisers. These starships were led by the powerful Centurion-class cruiser: The Ravager. The Ravager is an incredibly powerful cruiser that will constitute the backbone of Traya's war effort.

Infrastructure- Traya's powerbase is centered around the Trayus Academy on Malachor. From here the Lord of Betrayals commands her forces. Traya's powerbase is a mobile one, to a point. She risks defeat if she leaves Malachor.

Loyalty- Traya's forces have been broken by the Darkness of Malachor V and have been bound to her will. They are loyal to Darth Revan's master and will do her bidding.

Capacity for war- Traya wages war on a different scale from most. Her war is in the shadows. Her forces make hit and run strikes on her enemies, while her assassins silently move about behind enemy lines. However, if her forces were to be presented with full-scale war, she doesn't have the proper capacity to wage it. In the end, though, her shadow war nearly destroyed the Jedi Order and the Republic.

Ally- Darth Sion is the immortal Sith Lord* who fought alongside Exar Kun and Darth Revan. His fighting skill relies upon his sheer strength and experience, allowing him to beat many opponents. However, his greatest strength is the ability to come back to life. He has used this ability many times to cut down superior opponents when their guard has been lowered.

Lord of Betrayal- Darth Traya is an incredibly powerful Sith Lord, with the knowledge to back it up. She was quite skilled in the use of Sever Force and Force Drain, as well as Force Lightning and Force Scream. She could also see the future by using Shatterpoint. She was also a skilled duelist, utilizing several of the lightsaber forms. She could even telekinetically command three lightsabers to do battle for her.

Prince Xizor: Don't know very much about Xizor other than his extraordinary wealth. Doesn't exactly constitute a powerbase, but he could just buy whatever he needs.

*Does Exar Kun get his Sion? Sion was one of his students during the Great Sith War.
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