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Vux disembarked from the shuttle and looked around the camp in the hopes of quickly spotting his commanding officer, feeling both nervous about the mystery surrounding his newest mission and calmed by the sight of other soldiers going about their business in the name of the Republic. The Epicanthix veteran had arrived on the same transport as a Shistavanen female and assumed she would be on the same mission, but she seemed aloof and determined to keep only the company of the small droid accompanying her. Whether she would be able to be a team-player was something Vux pondered as he spotted a man standing next to two robed figures staring at him. That one was probably the guy in charge, but the two mysterious robed figures usually meant one thing; force-users.

"Damn it..." he muttered under his breath as he approached, memories of the past flooding his mind. His painful experiences with force-users of both sides made any contact with them a very unfortunate event, and he hoped that their involvement would be as minimal as possible. He finally reached them trio, quickly switching to a position of attention as he saluted the captain.

"Sergeant Vux Tuul reporting for duty sir!" he glared at the two robed figures, one a man and one a young woman, "With permission, may I ask why we have these two accompanying us on this mission sir?"
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