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It really is.
You'd think Lost alone - a TV show that single-handedly made sci-fi shows cool again and something more than "what nerds watch on SyFy" - would give people hope that the next Star Wars movie will be something fresh and exciting, but it is doomed to fail. Not commercially, but definitely when it comes to people's view of how well JJ Abrams did.

And that's because a pretty vocal part of the fanbase (just like with SWTOR's) doesn't want anything new and exciting - they just want the same 36-year old material in HD, failing to realize that the generation that grew up with the original Star Wars movies is likely in their 50s+ now and this generation needs different things to be appeased.

I wish him the best of luck (he's going to need it...) and I hope he makes a movie that appeals to the more open-minded fans, because it's a waste of time to even try to appeal to those that will hate it no matter what just because Disney is behind it or because Lucas didn't direct it etc.

PS: This time let's try to avoid any kind of actors with the acting talent of a box of rocks. So, please no Haydens in this movie, OK? Kthanx.
I think Hayden can act. I think he needs a director who can direct him though.

Some of the biggest names in Hollywood, I'd argue don't act, so much as play themselves, and the fans love it (Harrison Ford, Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones...ect...ect).

But those same actors tend to have something in their resume at some point, that shows they can act against type.