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It's not about mods, its about armorings/hilts/power crystals. Once you are full WH, you can trade some of those for the PvE equivelent and push your stats a bit higher and make medpacks and +HP talents, scale a bit better.

You can get LvL 63 PvE (~EWH)ones directly from a crafter, from the GTN, or from Operation drops. I have 5 of these items and I haven't been on a raid in 5-6 months. The easiest way to obtain them is:

1. RE WH gear for Molecular Stabilizers and Synthetic Matrix cubes.
2. Obtain the additional mats in-world, from your own crew skills, or from the GTN,
3. Then going to your server forum and finding a reputable crafter that will make them for you (give em a tip too).
RE WH gear? Dont think i understand what RE stands for.
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