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Longest time I heard that shield and defense are more or less useless in pvp, and you are better off using dps gear and a focus. The rational behind this is that shield only protects you against white damage and non crits, and you will simply find more use out of doing more damage.

However, though it is true about what they say concerning shield and defense, it is still more prudent to use a shield instead of a focus, and tank gear over dps gear. Here is why: Jedi knights, no matter what their AC mostly do white damage. Gunslingers mostly do white damage, troopers do a good mixture of tech and white damage, operatives do a good mixture of white and tech damage. The only class I would say a tank is useless against is a sage or its mirror class, considering they mostly do force and can out tank you with their bubble that absorbs all types of damage.

A tank is pretty explanatory:

I use endurance as my main stat and will as my secondary.
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