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No yea, you're absolutely right. I guess my quarrels are mostly with the star wars universe itself not just swtor.

I guess (to me) the mass effect universe seems more futuristic in a sense of the "techyness" and how it was mostly based around real life physics. Like if you ever wanted to know how the normandy got around in FTL travel, you could go to the codex and learn about element-zero. They gave you an actual sci-fi explanation of how the physics and everything worked.

In star wars, "O how do lightsabers work." Well, you put a crystal in the hilt, use the force, and bam! I know that's probably not entirely how it works but I'm sure you see the difference .
A lightsaber is essentially a battery thats focused through mutiple lenses, turning the energy into a plasma. Then the plasma is focus by the crystals (since plasma would destroy focus lenses), after that the high density plasma is sent through a emitter matrix (magnetic field generator) to keep the high energy from exploding and creating a bus size hole in the ground where you once stood. The emitter matrix is what also makes the plasma into the blade form. As the plasma is sent up for about a meter it heads back to the hilt towards the negative charged outer ring, which sends the energy back into the battery creating a circuit.

-if you didnt follow that explanation, picture a lightsaber as a water fountain in the middle of a park. Positive plasma goes up the middle and cascades down on the outside back into the battery.

(and yes that does mean lightsabers do run out of power eventually, and they have to be replaced with a new battery just like a blaster needs new energy packs)

so nothing to do with the force or magic, just basic physics that even we can replicate now a days. Only problem is we don't have enough energy to plasma at will let alone handheld, and we don't have magnets strong enough to contain the energy.