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01.25.2013 , 02:20 PM | #12
Ya the expertese is the same its basically capped at about 1.4 k or so since there are no expertese augs,
get full war hero and then the rest if you can pregrind an elite piece and pvp alot go ahead
but youll want to be sure to get war hero full asap,
I always suggest even if u combine pvp with pve gear to be at least around 1.2k expertese.
some stats u might even prefer from the war hero than from elite,
with augs also you can tweak stuff.
if youre like me and some here youll probably want to rip the mods out also
before trading in, pssst smal secret , if youre cybertech u can even re them for your pve gear.
The trade in is worth it mainly for some pieces when youre full wh for the armor mod,
even if u dont like the stat change u can always use the armor upgrade, but thats later on when youre already set up kinda full wh.
You basically get a tick more rating and stats but the difference isnt drastic.
I think someone stated also before, if youre dps you probably want the weaps elite the most in the first few elite items you get.
But war hero and war hero elite arent huge upgrades from each other,
you can see it abit like campain and dread lord.