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This has a lot of variables to it. First of all Mandalorians are in the same boat as the Jedi because anyone can be one. There's no official race to Mandalorian, it's more a religion (like the Jedi). One example being Jango Fett who was adopted into the group. Second point is that Mandalorians have proven to kill many Jedi; The Mandalorian/Jedi war (Revan's war), The capture of Jango fett (all of the Mandalorians were killed except Jango, but only about 10 Jedi survived and were lead by Dooku), and what people always forget is that Clonetroopers are as much Mandalorian as Jango. Although Vader helped, the clones killed tons of Jedi during order 66. Only reason Jango died was because he fought Mace Windu (the 3rd strongest Jedi of that time). Boba has also proven to hold his own against Vader for a decent amount of time.
1. There actually was a race that were Mandolorians known as The Taung and their culture was adopted by humans and other species.

2. If you referring to the comic where Jango killed 10 or so jedi with nothing but his hands, sorry I have got to call complete PIS on that. The jedi just seemed to have forgotten their training in that instance. As for the war, well of course there would be a ton of fighting going around.

3. The clones only killed the jedi via surprise and overwhelming numbers.

4. Boba didn't hold his own against Vader at all, he fled at first, then unloaded on him doing nothing, then got taken down twice by Vader, and then got in a cheap shot which shouldn't have worked. Look back at page 9 of my post there.

If your speaking in numbers that Mandos have killed jedi, then yes they have.
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