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Only for force users? Juggs (~ okay with that) and Sins (lol nice mega-buff to already overpowered class)?

Pls do it for all tanks.
With the amount of damage that force/tech inflicts on players (since absorb and shielding does not help tanks at all against it) I thought it would be a good idea to at least have the chance to temporary block and push them back as a result to avoid taking massive critical damage, the ideas I posted above are for the force user tanks yes, but for the non force user tanks I would suggest a shield generator bubble to temporary or at least have the chance to block the force/tech damage and pushing it back (not to stun) to the user, if the shield bubble overloads the attempted damage will be shot back to the caster so they themselves take the damage (if they are in range), while the tank goes unharmed.
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