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I've been a sorcerer since lauch. I was spec Corruption until the 1.2 nerf . Then I swapped from hybrid lightning/madness and full madness. Now I mostly use full madness spec. I really don't like bubble pop spec... it's more annoying than anything else. I love the DoTs! Unfortunately, we do not have much power. Don't get me wrong, I usually get much DPS in every WZ. Among the top 3! But, these numbers are useless if its slow paced.. healers can drink their Mojito and heal gradually without any stress. It's like trying to burn wood with a magnifying glass and the sun. It works on ants, but not on wood. the thing i hate the most I would say is that our Force lightning is really easy to reveal our position... one force lightning and i got a marauder and a LOLSMASHMONKEY leaping to me.

But still, Madness is not far from being a viable PVP solution! i agree with some people on ideas I got from this post, some are overpowered, some good and other no so useful.

Sorcerer :
- Overload at 360;
- Force slow roots for 2 sec then slows the target by 50% for 6 sec;

Madness :
- Deathfield still affects 3 but add around 1k damage OT on top of the initial instant damage;
- Paratism up to 2% instead of only 1%;
- Add 50% damage from Creeping Terror but remove 2sec root;
- Wrath affects Shock instead of Lightning strike;
- Replace Sith defiance for a skill which lower Crushing Darkness cooldown up to 5 sec;
- Reduce Affliction cost to 30...

Corruption :
- Conspiring force also reduce damage from target by 5% if they damage you;
- Would make Resurgence not part of GCD.

Lightning :
- Remove bubble stun from target other than yourself;
- Polarity shift double the force damage bonus from Conduction (up to 6% bonus);
- Thundering blast deals 10% more damage;
- Reverberating force also affects Lightning strike;
- Electric Induction reduce force cost by 4/8/12%...

I'm still hoping for some love from BW. Even tough the class is not really good I still enjoy it a lot!
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