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Let me be blunt here, having an issue with trying to purchase an extra character slot; submitting a ticket; having a forum rep tell you all is well with the world and should be fixed; waiting 13 days with no resolution; then having your ticket closed and told that the problem is resolved when it is not; is NOT doing due diligence and not the way to retain customers. The problem here being that after purchasing an extra character slot back on the 8th, having the coins deducted, receiving nothing, eventually tiring of waiting so I purchased ANOTHER slot (which did arrive with no issue) and having the CSM's look at the second purchased slot and say "oh look its fixed" close the ticket and walk away. So the original problem was never fixed. This kind of due diligence if you can even call it that is just not acceptable.

No my issue was not resolved and no I am not happy. So I would ask again, please either add the extra slot from the first purchase to my account OR refund the original 600 cartel coins spent in trying to purchase said extra slot. And if you are going to refund the coins would you kindly include in that the 500 from my monthly stipend that I still have not received even though the recurring charge for my monthly sub has already gone through.
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