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01.25.2013 , 01:36 PM | #18
Operative don't have it either. Then again, they are another class with PvE issues, altough their large opening burst fic that for them in PvP.

Its safe to say at any rate that sorc have a massive issue with armor.

Pugged a KP last night with my marauder. When on the ops dummy, he parses 1400 dps. My sorc has way better gear, and does 1550.

However, on Bonecrusher, sorc dps drops to 1200. Marauder (annihilation) keeps 1300.

So yes I think we have an issue there.

As far as revamping trees go, its always much easier to tweak what you already have than create a new ability.

For thundering blast, I'd say either make it 1,5 sec cast or change the auto crit for a 30% damage increase on target affected by your affliction.

Additionnaly, I'd say to make force lightning and lightning strike elemental.

Keep sorc damage slightly under kinetic/energy hard hitters, but make it the ranged class that has the most unmitigated damage and you have, imo, a good start to a fix.

Considering PT does it with higher number and heavy armor mid-range, I don't think its OP to suggest so.