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i cannot believe you just tried to convince us Darth Maul's end in Episode 1 was is less plausible than MAce Windu's..
cut in half vs one hand
both had what seemed a great distance to fall
neither had the fall shown

if you can pull MAul back from that sort of ending, you can upll Windu back.. powerful lightning or not the lightning didn't kill him it was the forch push typelightning, the previous ones were taken by his lightsaber.

some people just don't like certain character or want them back, that is acceptable, but then to come and make arguments trying to convince us that Mace's last scene looked more terminal than Maul is taking the miki. It isn't, you don't have to be a fantasy setting to write a comeback, many non fantasy films have had heroes and some villains come back from what would have seemed a far more convincing end than Mace,

when i first watched episode 3, and swa that scene, the first thing that came to my mind was that, oh not so bad, he can come back from this. - you see Qui'gon cannot come back, we saw his body burned and unlike Anakin, he wasn't made from the metachlorides, which is the only thing that can make an Anakin return plausible.

MAce may not come back, but a come back is certainly not as far-fetched as DArth Maul's was, and if MAul could come back, Windu certainly could.
Let me first say that I like Mace just as much as I like Maul. I don't think anyone can't help but find Samuel Jackson epically cool. However I still believe Maul's surival is alot more plausible.

Firstly Windu fell several thousand feet, if not more. It easily could have been miles. Coruscant is a massively tall city, some of the skyscrapers are higher than the clouds. Maul fell a few hundred, then stopped his fall by grabbing onto an air vent and climbing in. Just like Luke did in ROTJ.

Secondly, dismemberment does not kill in Star Wars. It was not Windu's dismemberment that cause his death. It was Sidious' force lightning.

Thirdly, 'force push lightning' doesn't exist, you just made that up on the spot. Sidious charged him with super powered lightning that was clearly causing some serious damage to Windu. He was was standing their shaking like a crazy dude, with his bones illuminated, for 15 seconds before the sheer power of the lightning rocket him out of the window. Lightning his lightning, there is no such thing as 'force push lightning' that only pushes and doesn't kill/harm. That's called force push. You may wish to watch the scene again. Oh yeah, Windu wasn't feeling that lightning at all.

Fourthly, as Wolf points out - Windu was dead or at least unconscious as he fell. Maul however, was evidently alive and conscious when he was falling. Watch the scene again, dead/unconscious people don't scream. Lets also remember that people don't tend to die instantly if chopped in half, all your vital organs are in the upper half of your body, you die of blood loss. Maul didn't die of blood loss because the blade cauterized the wound. People tend to die instantly from electric shocks, or in this case, electric explosions which cause brain damage, blindness, severe burns and calcification.

If you still disagree, please but forward a plausible theory for Windu's survival after being subject to the full power of the most powerful Sith Lord whoever lived, rocketed out of a Windu, and then plunged several thousand feet to the depths of god knows where. And don't say he grabbed onto a speeder. He was clearly unconscious if not dead.

EDIT: Finally there is no place or reason for him to come back in the future. He was silent throughout the course of the Galactic Civil War and beyond that.