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Sabrina refraind from chuckling, to herself. Then communicated through the force to lansar When you get a minute, could you explain to good captain. That I can read him like open book, please do it in such away not to cause offense. As I don`t want him to fear me, that only usefull on my enemies.
Sabrina looked at the others coming towards her, one was a shistvanen a dog speices. This speicies where excellent at hunting and tracking, but did not care for company others much. The other she could not read, it was weird. He looked human, but she could not even get base sence of his emontion. Sabrina was little uneasy about that, as her main defence was to be able to read her foes mind. This gave her an edge and on mission where she not entirly happy with a bed fellows, this was not nice.