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This sorta sums up the Corso romance, imo, it made me uncomfortable. (Quinn's didn't, go figure). His constant insistance that I was a lady did it, I think, along with his constant fits of jealousy (though quite hilarious). I just couldn't get the rid of the nagging suspicion that if I ever broke up with him that I would have to slap a restraining order on him or he would snatch me away and lock me away in some gilded cage or worse, a love dungeon. For my own protection, of course.

I do think the romances add a lot to the storylines, however.

I think how the NPC ends up flirting will have a different reaction from each player. Now I admit, I don't quite get the out of character discomfort (sense I see it as just a game) especially since they (the devs) likely wanted to try to diversify the NPC personalities, but I would love to have little in character moments in the storyline where you can play out a scene with yoru character thinking that to themself if not saying it out loud.