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The clone were not murderous animals -- and they always had emotions, personalities, and the like. Like others have said, if they wanted mindless they would've used droids. They only killed the Jedi because "Order 66" means the Jedi betrayed the Republic. The clones were duty-bound to serve the Republic, not the Jedi. They were friends with the Jedi, and they were loyal to the Jedi, sure, but that's because the Jedi were fellow servants of the Republic -- even fellow soldiers. Some clones didn't like Jedi, and in fact they strongly disliked them (number one example is Commander Faie, who served under Quinlan Vos). But most of them were comrades and friends. In fact, one clone commando married his General! And they weren't mindless drones: they had choice, but they chose to execute the Jedi out of loyalty to the Republic. This is evidenced by the fact that some of them spared the Jedi.