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On the subject of the viability of so much happening in a 3 year timespan, I was thinking of the math of it all. In Galactic Standard time 1 year has 12 months of 35 days each separated into 7 5 day weeks. So to expand that it is 3 years, 36 months, 252 weeks, 1260 days. If each episode constitued one week (just for arguement sake, much of the time overlaps, is congruent, or even predates some episodes in the form of flashbacks, etc. Some episodes are shorter, some longer), this show could run another 6 seasons. Saying they take 2 weeks, it still would have one more season to go.

So doing the math really doesn't seem so out of place. I did think it was a shoe horn, but now, it is conceivable. We must also remember many of these episodes take place in a single day, some even have one day broken down over multiple episodes. Personally I would like to get a list together of all the episodes and guestimate the length of time each one is. I'm not THAT big of a fan to do so, but if any of you are out there, please post it.

Personally I feel it lies somewhere in between one and two weeks average.
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