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Quote: Originally Posted by Sixthy View Post
I can do it pretty easily:

1 - We Haz Cookies / Goof Troop (same people for the most part, not bothering separating them)
2 - Ascendancy
3 - Full Resolve
4 - Deadweight
5 - Covenant
6-1129 - Everyone Else

Hmm, this isn't the first time that mistake has been made so I suppose I should clarify. The player pools for cookies and Goof are fairly different. Myself, Psibre, and occasionally Vullesh and Sarah are pretty much it. Other than that cookies has quite a few lowbies in Goof, and a couple 50s that rarely get played and vice verse with goof players in cookies. Not that it really matters, if any of those listed guilds show up in regs its a win unless another one shows up on the other side. From there much more has to do with the pugs then the differences in ability between the guilds.