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And I was wondering, what is the etiquette for needing on non-gear? I'm talking about speeder and crafting mats and the likes. I always pick greed if it's something I can use or want, but yesterday some guy in tionese kept on needing on the nice speeder and some crafting mats. Nobody else in the group said something about that, so I'm not sure. Though I put him on ignore after that. Maybe no one looked who picked what? Since there are a lot of people greeding and the chat window gets long and everything and almost no one there really needed the gear that dropped.
Why would you put someone on ignore for rolling need on a speeder? And crafting mats? That seems a bit extreme of you. There's got to be more to it than just that. Like did the person act out? Did you talk to the person? Were they being a jerk? If all that happened was they rolled need on a speeder and crafting mats and you put them on ignore without talking about it, when everyone else also said nothing? That's crazy. How long is your ignore list?
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