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Didn't I resolves this issue a while ago. Mace Windu is DEAD.

No, but seriously. I highly doubt Mace of all people will be coming back. Darth Maul's survival is plausible, he was chopped in half and received no other injuries, and was alive when he fell down the shute. And he didn't feel the impact, he grabbed onto an air vent and slid down a shute. (much like Luke did) People have survived those kind of injuries in the real world, so why not in Star Wars? (Especially seeing as Maul is strong in the dark side.) He also wasn't given much screen time and was something of a Boba Fett, didn't say much, but looked awesome anyway.

In terms of Mace Windu, he was was subject to the full power of Sidious' lighting. The most powerful Force lightning ever conceived. And was then shot out of a window and fell several thousand feet or more to the depths of Coruscant. Where his body was most likely collected or left to rot. Such a fall would have certainly killed him, he had nothing to grab onto and was probably dead or at least unconscious when he was rocket out of the window.

And if Windu had survived, he would have made an appearance in the Galactic Empire era, which lasted for about 20 years. Yet he didn't, and he didn't contact Yoda or Obi-Wan. Nor did he make any contact after the Empire fell and the New Republic was established. Basically Windu is dead.

EDIT: On the topic of Boba, his survival is plausible. Death by Sarlaac is a slow, slow death by digestion. Boba could have escaped before the digestible fluids cut through his beskar armour. Beskar being one of the most durable metals in the galaxy. And his death was kinda lame. I totally support his survival.