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01.25.2013 , 11:26 AM | #43
Same thing just happened to me. Questing on Belsavis, two times in a row within a 30-45 minute span, I was logged off twice and on this most recent time crashed to desktop.

The first time it happened, my connection indicator on the game screen showed I had no connection to the internet. I alt+ tabbed to desktop and had a full connection. In fact, my cell phone was still connected. Since it wasn't signing me off all the way, I just closed down the launcher. To be safe and make sure it wasn't an issue with my connection, I powered down my PC and reset my modem. After logging in, I was able to quest for a good 10-15 minutes and it happened again. This time, I closed the game and opened the launcher and logged back in. Maybe 5-10 minutes later I crashed to desktop. This was about 4 minutes ago.

I was not having this problem until today. In fact, prior to the most recent updates I had never really experienced a crash to desktop however they have become more frequently and happen usually at the end of certain flashpoints.

Today's incident happened to me on my Level 42 Jedi Knight character Madmartygan.
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