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CS have to prioritise tickets and surely OP you can see that an emote not working is pretty far down in a list of character affecting issues? (If it needed ticketing at all considering we have a general /emote (/e) that works however you want it to).
Yes, I can appreciate that the ability to emote wouldn't be very high on the list. But if this is a known issue then why can't I find it on any FAQ?

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2) To the second poster, the Cartel Shop emotes come from the rare packs; you can't specifically buy them, they are the luck of the draw. I got the angry mood emote in the one pack I purchased from my stipend points - it sold very quickly on the GTN too
As a subscriber you shouldn't have to buy a cartel unlock to use the emotes. That is the whole issue here. The message that comes up is that you must be a SUBSCRIBER or unlock it via the CARTEL MARKET. Clearly myself and the second poster fall under the former category.

Even if this isn't high up, I want to know it is being addressed.