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In the case of Shadows and Assassins, he's partially right that there's a flaw. A Tank wearing DPS gear can work, but shouldn't work so well that it's said to be better than full-Tank. In this case, a part of the problem lies in the lack of effectiveness of Tank's stats, and the other part comes from the fact that the spec offers a pretty good synergy with DPS gear.
Most of the problem lies within force/tech damage as a tank I feel completely helpless unless I got a healer by my side, I just think it would be handy if there was a chance to push off force/tech damage just like how Yoda, Mace and Obi Wan demonstrated in the prequels by using Force Deflection or Absorb also didn't Satele Shan use these abilities against Malgus in the Hope trailer? Something we force user tanks could use

Made a suggestion of it here
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