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I dislike when healers try to DPS instead of watching health bars. Healer DPS is so pitiful, you might as well stand and wait for healing to be done instead..
My sawbones can take out a weak in one hit, the same as my sentinel and she can't do it any faster. I have out dps'ed a dps guardian in a trash pull in HM TfB (lucky crit hit on a flyby, I guess, but pulled over 2000 dps and 1300 hps (like 970 EHS)). similarly geared dps will do better dps than me, but I know I can out dps most Tionese and Columi players for short burst.

That said, I don't because my job is to heal and even when I have everyone topped off I don't throw out my best damage producers because I have to maintain energy reserves to heal. The only time I worry about dps more than healing is when the tank and dps refuse to do their job and I am tanking the mobs while they have gold fever. Then I will kill the mobs (still with one eye on the tank) before resuming heals as normal. Even when killing the mods, I stay ready to throw a heal at the tank and to a lesser extent dps, so I still am not using my most energy consuming attacks, unless coolhead is up.

My job is to heal, first and formost, I will heal anyone anytime even through their own stupidity. I once healed a dps commando through standing in lava the entire fight in HM EV.