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Dear customer services

I have been a loyal subscriber to the SWTOR idea since beta and think the overall idea and game of SWTOR is fabulous, but i feel that somethings are just sadly very very lacking.

The last update for Top Ten Issues is 6 months old on the forums

It appears any in game bug or issue with the "Fluff Market" oops sorry the Cartel Market is fixed in additional patches 1.63a for example.

But cartel coins to subscribers is still broken

Pvp fixes have been many and balancing for Pvp of course can be an essential requirement "if you play pvp of course"

but please can you tell me when Pve will get the bugs fixed it would be nice to think Bioware would like to fix these before releasing what i'm sure will be a fun welcomed addition to SWTOR, but by the nature of the beast will introduce new issues and bugs.

I appreciate that no releases can be completely bug free, i used to be a software tester as a career, however when bugs such as The esselles flashpoint have been added to this forum for weeks, and still there has not been any fixes, it does raise questions.

I am not expecting a customer services responce to this but I feel that their are many people out there who do feel let down by the aftercare service provided to what is a great concept of a game.

i'm sure people will post their comments below so CS can see how widely this is felt.

I personally feel as a PvE subscriber that the PvE Subscribing Community come somewhere in importance below the "lesser spotted owl society" in EA's plans