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01.25.2013 , 09:56 AM | #28
Seriously I could sympathize with the original poster if we were only talking about the harder operations or even HM LI, but if we are including tier 1 HMFP, then as a healer I do not care what you wear as long as a majority of it is level 50 gear. I have gotten placed as a random in other guild runs with 14k hp tanks in green mainly green gear and made it through HM BoI with no problems. Provide the person has some clue about the instances or can follow directions, most HMFP are so easy that gear isnít really a large concern to me. I never even check what others are wearing, because I donít care. Koan is about the only tier 1 where I even think about gear. Most all HMFP go very smoothly and I am the kind of person that considers any death to make a hard mode flash point a failure on my part even if the death did not involve a wipe.

Yes, now, like most of you, when I get an alt to 50 they usually have 61 or better gear waiting, but I have not forgotten doing sm Ops and HMFP on my main and first alt when getting Tionese was a significant upgrade. I would have used pvp gear in an instant had it been free pack then. The only time you should use the word hard when healing a hard mode flashpoint is when you are the fresh 50 in tionese and the dps have gold fever.