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Well, we're looking at (probably) only a few more days until 1.7 hits PTS. So what do people think BW will actually change for Mercs? As opposed to what we'd like to see?

I'm guessing we get Jet Boost buffed with a Cleanse on activation and a 30% speed boost for 2 seconds after activation. While the heat cost of Jet Boost goes up from 16 to 25. I doubt they will change anything else for Mercs.

I think the biggest class balance change for Mercs in 1.7 will come from the changes made to other classes. Namely to Sorc stun bubble and Rage/Focus Smash Monkeys. The more Sorc stun bubble gets nerfed, the worse for Mercs. Correspondingly, the more the Smash Monkeys get nerfed, the better for Mercs. And yeah, it is entirely possible that the two effects cancel each other out.
I dunno that they'll give commandos/mercs even that much directly, though if they did the jerks would up the ammo cost. I agree with the rest of your sentiment, though a nerf to bubble stun is also a buff to carnage mara and if those guys get their burst back look out.
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