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The post refers to my likes and dislikes. I will not heal a PVP geared tank or DPS. I don't ask them to leave the group, nor do I instigate a vote to kick. I tell them "I don't heal PVP geared tanks and DPS". I then quit the group. I have 2 healers and 3 DPS ( all campaign and better). When I leave 1 group...I re log and rinse and repeat. As for tionese geared players...they tend to try harder and wipe less. For all the healers who will heal the geared impaired...God bless you.
If that's really how you feel, then I'd be glad to see you go. Make sure you tell me why you're leaving so I can put you on ignore first.

To the other people in this who think like rational adults and not absolutist kids, if someone likes to both pvp and pve, there is a pretty good chance they will have some serious PvP comms saved up for when they hit 50. They'll be able to buy a ton of higher-end pvp gear, which will be a lot better than the free Tionese. In short, don't punish people for using the best gear they have.

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They should remove the expertise stat from the game altogether, the reasoning behind its existence is flawed anyway.
No they shouldn't; no it isn't.
A classic sig that should not be lost:
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