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I personally dislike even when people ask to need for companions, since that's what greed is for - your main can't use it, but you need it for companions/mods/etc. If you don't need it at all, just PASS.
In FP I greed on anything. In OPs I pass on anything the character I am playing at that time cannot use himself. Under no circumstances will I need on anything I can't use on that character, and if it's me and one other guy and his gear is worse than mine I'll let him have it.

It just galls me that some people are that fail that they feel the need to rob from players to gear their companions. Again -- sorc full heal , soloed all the HK H2's and run my dailies with zero issues, and my companion is in a mix of 50's from the GTN and tionese I outgrew. There is NO reason to gear your companions in columni you steal from others by needing on it when you can't use it unless you have completely fail skills , can't l2interrupt, and are a bad.
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