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It was a joint effort between Shot First and Carnage Gaming on The Shadowlands server.

Fuzzy got a stream/video recording on it here:

As far as we know it was a world first, but if it isn't we would like to hear otherwise. The strategy is pretty evident in the video, but I'll answer any questions.

The loot was the same as 3+ stacks - 2 dread guard masks and 2 essences - 1 BH piece - also got one BH comm.
Well done. We were working on 5 stack prior to the nerf a few weeks after it came out but were only able to get it to just under 20%. We came back once to try it after the nerf and it seemed significantly easier but unfortunately getting anything done on our server is difficult due to zone lag and it being an open PVP server (basically if we can't kill it on the pull we get swarmed by world pvp).

Based on the loot, I don't think we'll be revisiting this :P. But again, well done!
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