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01.25.2013 , 08:49 AM | #11
I've been both a tank and healer in several mmo's.

In this game my healing char is a level 45 merc.

And found that healing in this game is a lot different than for instance in wow:
Healer dps is quite helpfull, and what's the use of standing still when your team is healed and you got some hot's on all of them?

it's better to off dps with auto attacks/unload when you have 0 heat.
ofcourse do not use any heat abilities when the team needs healing. save your heat for that.
but auto attacking is only helpfull, not harmfull with a teamfight, and in most bossfights I still seem to be able to do around 20-50k damage done on the boss, while keeping my team fully healed as every auto attack I do is around 1k damage total as healer.

Imo a healers rotation of importance:

Keeping the healer alive> Keeping the tank alive>Keeping the dps alive> crowd control>removing debuffs>dps