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as it is that exact level of elitism that I find abhorrent..
Lol, thank you Mr. English professor for illustrating your own point of "elitism". Brilliantly done!
For being a fan of English I would think you would be familiar with context. The following sentences in my post further explained my "elitist" view that I DON'T think ALL PVP gear is inappropriate, as I stated, player skill is more the determining factor.
But why is it so "abhorrent" for me to be a "little frustrated" when someone shows up for LI HM in recruit PVP Gear or insists on tanking HM KP in partial recruit/WH when the other tank is better geared in PVE gear. Is that so elitist?

Maybe I generalized to much in that specific sentence that you so amazingly over analyzed, but I assumed the rest of my post would be read and my view on the matter would be further clarified. Forgive me for making that mistake. I will endeavor to avoid such absurdities in the future and be sure to run my posts by the editor before doing so. Thanks for setting me straight.
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