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Alright, now I've picked up underworld trading, and it is currently 400 skill.
My question is: How could I get more profit with underworld trading?

I have no companion with ut crit%.

Underworld metals: 2-3 missions an hour,
seems to have on average 3 mandalorian irons a day out of 30 missions.
and 2.2 ciridium per mission on average (this is including the ones that loot 4 and the failed missions)

Average cost a day: 30 missions=2700*30= 81000 Credits
Average ciridium a day: 30*2.2= 66 Ciridum
Ciridum price = 600 a piece.
Average income a day for ciridium = 66*600= 39600 Credits
Average income a day for Mandalorian iron's: 3*10000 credits= 30000 credits:

net loss a day: (39600+30000)-81000= -11400
So with having companions an hour for 10 hours a day you lose 11.400 credits by doing underworld missions.

Let's not even talk about luxury items, as they all net in losse's even the purple ones.

So the only possibility that I see is companion gifts:
with a 10 hour day you can have with 30 companions (it simply doesn't give more grade 5 rich missions) 60 missions.

Total costs: 60* 2200= 132000 credits a day.
Total amount of blue's on average a day: 48
Total amount of purple's on average a day: 5

The blue's sell for about 4k credits a piece and the purple ones for 10k credits a piece:
total sales for blue companion gifts a day: 48* 4000= 192000 Credits a day
Total sales for purple companion gifts a day: 5*10000=50000 credits a day:

Total net profit=(192k+50k)-132k= 110k credits profit a day.
that means per hour per companion: (110k/3 companions)/10 hours= 3667 credits profit per hour per companion.

Disclaimer: This calculations are the average number of results I've gotten for several constructive days.
these calculations also do not take in account the gtn cut, and the chance that items actually do not get sold. (some items I got on the gtn for the entire week already at 4k credits a piece for the blue items and did not sell yet)

So my question: How do you guys make money with underworld trading?
To me a maximum average profit per companion per hour of 3667 credits seems incredibly low, especially when there are gear items of multiple millions, and the incredibly high prices for enchantments, augments, mods and so forth at level 50.