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01.25.2013 , 07:36 AM | #18
Well I dont think Im a very good player, I click and keyboard turn and packpeddle and I dont seem to have a problem fighting the 23/1/17 spec. Thats all Im saying. And Yeah, if my spec is MORE overpowered why nerf 23/1/17?

So not L2P sorry, L2fight 23/1/17 shadow/assassins...

Also why nerf a weaker spec if there is a better one? There are much better targets to nerf than hybrid assassins.

Not trying to talk smack just dont think they need nerfing. I find them not that strong...

Commandos and mercs need buff. Leave everything else for now.

Edit: and YEAH lol 0/27/14 has MORE survivability. But you have to be using blackout on cooldown and specced for the 6% dr too. A dark charge gives you more armor but, total DAMAGE REDUCTION is better than armor mitigation. Play what ya'll want.