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Guess what? 0/27/14 has more survivability and does more damage. Just no pull, and no out of stealth spike. In surging charge. Popping blackout gives you 25% Damage reduction and you can spec for 6% damage reduction in the tree after crits. So you can be running with 31% Damage reduction in the fray. Thats better than the armor from dark charge...

I MURDER tank assassins/shadows in my (waka's)0/27/14 spec. Not to mention Hybrid tank assassins are using a focus or gen and not a sheild. AND not to mention that tanks dont mitigate that much damage in pvp.

They JUST had a nerf to their armor rating and self heals. It was to nerf harnessed darkness in 31/0/10 or 31/1/9.

The hybrid shadow/assassin spec 23/1/17 HAS NO harnessed darkness and the only heal they get is the 2% for death field.

L2P issue.

They most certainly do not need a nerf.
Oh? You just tried to verify a spec by saying yours is more overpowered?

Oh and you really put the cherry ontop by using L2P.

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