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So I've been checking a few swtor streams out lately, I've just recently come back from a long long break, 7+ months. I've decided to just re-level a whole new class to fully get back into the game.

So yeah, I'm amazed on how many clicker there are in this game...99% of them clickers are complaining about something, mainly because they got outplayed, or were just too slow because of clicking spells instead of actually using keybinds.

Just a helpful hint, aka PROTIP, for everyone who clicks spells you are limiting yourself on how well/fast you are it would be more beneficial to you if you practiced using ALL keybinds (Well not all, but you get the point.) Watch videos, re-level a new class just to practice how you like your keybinds.

I know someone is going to post "I click and I don't have any issues" "I click and I know it's faster than keybinds" Well, you're wrong. Once you practice keybinding you will realize what you're missing out on. Also, once you get the hang of it, you will see a dramatic increase in your performance.

Also, while clicking you are spending time looking at your spells more than you are looking at whats going on around you. You lose some awareness while clicking.

Moral of the story clickers, please practice keybinding. It will help you out tremendously.

Keybinding doesn't mean squat in pve.