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01.25.2013 , 07:14 AM | #21
Keybinds are important ... but clicking in a game with global cooldowns is exactly the same FYI.

If your talking about instant click its the same if its a button or a mouse over. I do both personally i use keys 1-6 easily (played piano i can hit 8 without moving my fingers from movement keys very much) and to be honest 90% of my rotation fits in those keys including my interupts.

anything else like shield bubble on my sorc or DFA on my merc or Dark Ward on my Assassin tank or drop into cover on my sniper ..... they dont need key binds ... i use them the second they are up in part of my rotation.

There is this moronic belief that you have to A) Look at the boss your fighting while your fighting it and B) that every power on 4 hot bars has to be on a key bind .. that you absolutely cannot play this game competitively without a naga game pad ..... sorry to tell you i use a 4 button mouse and a G14(unsupported) keyboard.

I do competitive PVP and Have beat HM TFB (as a guild we havent started EC NiM) .... I am no where near the bottom of our DPS scale usually competing with Powertechs on my sniper in lethality spec. I am never the guy who is standing in red circles so he can click a power with a long channel.

Sorry to say it ... the Clickers suck argument .... is proven wrong every time i get into raid party and pvp match.
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