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Heey it's the guy you all love - Gragole from Impulse yaay

I wanna announce the next week's even which is going to be a 3v3 tourny on Tatooine. It'll be held on Sunday, February 2nd. Gonna mail you the exact time of the tourny through ingame mail.

The fights are gonna be best of three, single eliminaton bracket.

Everythign is allowed except combat rez.

In order to participate form a team of 3 players and post the team name + player names in the comment.

The entry fee is 300k creds/100k per person.
1st place = 50% creds
2nd place = 30% creds
3rd palce = 20% creds

Hi'de will take your money.

I know my post isn't as good as I'gor's btw :P but I really cba

do one before jan 31.! i'm going to work then.
psssh this guy^ trying to make the tourney easy on himself doing it after i'm gone.. so classic

and btw, hi'de ain't getting a single credit out of alot of the imp side, that's for sure! ;P