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I just created a Trooper (who I'm leveling as an Armormech), and was planning on crafting my own armor for myself and companions. But what I've found (and it's not ALWAYS the case) is that orange gear with blue item modifications (armor, mod, enhancement) seem to have better main+endurance stats and armor ratings than single crafted blue armor (and yes, I've RE'd a piece to get all of it's blue derivatives).

But, it does seem that the lower-level crafted (and dropped) blue gear carries secondary stats (surge, defense, absorption, etc...) sooner than you can get those stats via mods and enhancements. So maybe that's the trade-off? You can craft gear and get some secondary stats, but your main+endurance stats and/or armor rating might be a few points less than if you had orange gear with blue armor, mod, and enhancements.
Through armoring/mods/enhancements on orange you don't gain much of the secondary stats, but those are far easier and cheaper to research and keep up to date. Always only 1 option from green to blue, 1 option from blue to purple (if you bother with it) and always at 20% chance.
With the "wearable" crafted stuff the grind to get the right prefixes can a real pain, time and money consuming. Except for bracers, chest, legs, boots, etc have higher mats requirement to do research. Another thing, many people go for specific looks on their toons, even from low levels. Those pices armomech/synthweavers can make are no good for that. Lastly, there are sometimes big gaps between let's say from 1 headpiece to the next one so either keep that slot undergeared, or switch to orange shell with updated stuff