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Hell no to this.

A flashpoint is an extended period of time where I'm going to be interacting with other people and I'm stuck with them for the full duration of that event. I for damn sure don't want a bunch of idiots tossed together randomly without having even said a single word to each other first. It reduced WoW dungeons to just watching a bunch of DPSers running forward as fast as they can and bashing their head against a wall until finally it gave way. When they tried to put even the tiniest thing bearing a faint resemblance to challenge into the game, people screamed bloody murder because they had gotten used to just running forward pressing 1 or 2 buttons.

No thanks.
That sounds like its entirely the fault of the anti-social players you hung out with.

An LFG tool would be useful and I'm glad they plan on implementing one eventually. Its an MMO, the only things that can ruin the "sense of community" is the community itself....not a friggin tool.