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Come on, this guy is about the worst possible choice for Star Wars. The last three were bad because they focused too much on action and politics, and too little on story. That's EXACTLY the kind of movies this guy does best, they might as well just name the next movie The Phantom Menace Returns.

Alternatively they could name it The Lens Flare Strikes Back.

Gah....damn you Disney execs....
I think you have no idea how much worse it could have been, there are plenty of really bad directors around. The issue with episode I to III wasn't the story, it was that Lucas lost his mojo, he didn't knew anymore how pacing works, how practical effects are sometimes better, and he had never been really good in telling the actors how to act, which got really terrible when they had to act in front of greenscreens for most of the time with the prequels. The original trilogy had also quite a simple story and was big on emotions and had nice action, all the things that J.J. Abrams is capable of delivering (only the lens flare thing he is doing can be annoying).
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